TABIIB streamlines patient-doctor communication. Patients find the right doctors instantly and book appointments easily. Doctors set up and manage their appointments with a few taps. TABIIB is created by SMSCountry Private Limited, a 14-year company in the IT and Communications sector that has developed unique products for the GCC market.

Bridge The Gap

In today’s world, good healthcare is not optional. And, reaching the right doctor, at the right time is critical.

By introducing a mobile app that lists qualified and trusted doctors, TABIIB allows patients to quickly get in touch with specific doctors located around their locality. It reduces the time taken to book and schedule medical appointments, effectively bridging the patient-doctor gap.

Transparency In Healthcare

In medical scenarios, leaving things to chance, or a lack of clarity about patient condition or doctor specialization, can lead to unexpected problems for both doctors and patients.

With access to detailed doctor information, reviews and patient evaluation, TABIIB offers a platform that is dependable and efficient.

Convenience For Users

Medical appointments can sometimes inadvertently lead to stressful situations, for both doctors and patients.

TABIIB helps the staff at clinics manage last-minute walk-in appointments. It also provides real-time status queue updates to patients, ensuring that wait-times can be eliminated or reduced.

Build Your Practice & Manage Appointments Easily